You can finally meet Top Voted Fresh Faces Australia 2013 models!! Find out their voting secret!

After a long and rocky road the Top Voted are now announced. Only two models from each country get the title as Top Voted Fresh Faces 2013 by and get the well-deserved attention.
Are you already curious? Kiandra Trickett (1924 votes) and Astavar Kaslas (1282 votes) made the race. We wanted to know more about them and asked them a lot of questions. Do you want to know their secret voting?


Modelmanagement: How does it feel to be the most voted girl/boy?

Kiandra: I feel extremely privileged to be voted Australia’s top Fresh Faces model. To know that I had so many people supporting me along the way and voting for me truly means a lot. This competition allows inexperienced models to put their foot in the door. It’s such a happy time and puts a warm feeling in your heart.

Astavar: I felt ecstatic! I couldn’t really take in the fact that I’d won the fresh faces 2013 Australia competition. When I got the email, I immediately told my friend Senada Busnov who is one of the many people I met over the course of the competition and shared my profile on her Facebook page to help me get more votes. Turns out she had won fresh faces in her country as well. This really is a great achievement for me. I thank all the judges and everyone who voted for me.

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Modelmanagement: How did you start to work in the modeling industry?

Kiandra: I grew up in Tasmania and in 2010 I did my first modeling and deportment course. After I graduated from elementary, I went on to complete Post-graduate and received honours in both courses. From then, my interest in modeling began to grow. I have always had a passion for acting and wish to pursue this further, so I have found that my interest and involvement in modeling strongly complements and assists an acting career. After moving to Melbourne this year, I have been involved in many fashion shows to gain experience and to develop my skills.

Astavar: I was always interested in the modeling field but I had no clue on how it all worked. Luckily one of my friends in school, Nico, was a model. He told me everything I needed to know and gave me an insight into modeling and what to do and what not to do in the industry. So with that in mind and a little bit of research I was able to begin this journey.

Modelmanagement: How do you prepare yourself to be a model?

Kiandra: Having a positive mindset and surrounding myself with people who are encouraging and caring I find is extremely important. This is imperative especially in a career within the arts (modeling, acting) because people can be so critical of your appearance, talent and personality. I make sure that I manage my wellbeing by exercising, being aware of nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. I believe it is essential that you are content with yourself both mentally and physically.  I try to prepare myself for challenges in life by having an open mind. You should not allow other people’s comments and opinions to alter your feelings and emotions, however, whilst saying that, I think that you learn and grow from observing and listening to others. Do what you love and be happy.

Astavar: Taking care of the body is very important. So, working out and keeping to a healthy diet is crucial. I also research a lot about modeling. For instance: what photographers look for, the posing and the walks. Additionally, possessing and developing good posture and confidence are equally important in becoming a model.

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Modelmanagement: What are your plans for your future?

Kiandra: I wish to expand and develop in my modeling career as well as acting. Through gaining more experience in these two areas I hope to become part of an agency that offers both occupations. Through this, I hope to pick up work that will allow me to begin my future.

Astavar: There is a lot I’ve planned for the future. Especially with high school coming to an end, I’ll have a lot of time on my hands. So, doing more shoots, collaborating with other artists thereby building up a good portfolio are some of them.

Modelmanagement: How do you define yourself?

Kiandra: I am a very positive, energetic person who loves life. Family will always be very important to me. I am a caring, thoughtful person and I take my responsibilities seriously. I try to maintain healthy relationships with my family, friends and work mates. All of my life I have been goal orientated.  I am continually setting and striving to achieve my goals. Whilst I thrive on success I have the resilience to bounce back and set new challenges for myself.

Astavar: Optimistic, unique, diligent, courageous, enthusiastic, extrovert, determined, funny, professional, confident, and self improving: I don’t think there’s a set definition of oneself because our identity is never static but I reckon these words help to give a rough idea about myself.

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