In photography, it is essential to create your own identity and find your personal branding, including the concept, the style, and the editing of your pictures. However, like other sectors, every year we can find different photography trends. In this post, you will be able to find the most popular photography trends for 2021 as seen on social media.

Most Popular Photography Trends for 2021

1. No editing style

Some years ago, we were used to seeing very edited pictures on all social media and users seemed to like it. However, this has changed a lot. By 2021, the no-editing style has become more popular and users are more into this aesthetic. This doesn’t mean you have to stop editing your photos the way you do, but consider that users now react better to not-so-edited pictures, than over-edited ones.


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2. Vertical photos

Social media has changed so many things, and photography trends are no exception. One of the main trends that social media brought to photography is vertical pictures. Actually, there’s a TikTok trend running comparing how Gen-Z and the rest would pretend to take a picture. While the youngest generation chooses the vertical format and their smartphone, the rest of us still think about traditional cameras. The vertical format is also recommended to use on Instagram since people are more likely to engage with vertical posts than horizontal. So definitely vertical photos are here to stay (and slay) in 2021.

3. Short videos

And talking about TikTok, of course, this has influenced photography. This short video format has been a huge revolution in photography trends (so much that Instagram even copied the format!). So when doing shootings, take advantage to create short (and vertical!) videos. You can post them on TikTok, or if you haven’t decided to create an account yet, you can always use Reels on Instagram. But try to start creating videos, you will see that it’s kind of fun.


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4. Mobile photography

It is undeniable to say that mobile photography has improved quite a lot in the last few years. Devices are including more and more features that allow us to get a very professional result from a smartphone in 2021.  Apple has proven that its devices can be used to create professional videos and photos since Lady Gaga’s Stupid Love music video or Selena Gomez’s Look At Her Now was shot on an iPhone. You can also get additional equipment that will take your photography to a different level, such as a mobile stabilizer or lens.


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5. Analog Photography

Even though mobile photography is booming, the analog trend did a comeback and it has become an important photography style in 2021. You can use your old analog camera or a disposable one. And if you still don’t an analog camera, you can find hundreds of mobile apps that will help you get this analog vibe result. Isn’t it amazing that when we thought mobile cameras were the future, analog photography comes back?

6. Vintage editing

And following this analog photography trend, editing your pictures with a vintage vibe has also become a thing, so don’t worry if you don’t have a real analog camera, you can vintage your picture on post-production. From vintage frames inspired in Kodak Portra, to adding grain and dust to your pictures. You can get this vintage look on Lightroom or with any mobile app, such as Tezza App or VSCO Cam.


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7. Virtual photoshoots

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has changed photography. We never imagined that FaceTime photoshoots would become a thing in 2021, but they did. The photographer, instead of being the person who executes and takes the pictures, directs the model who has to place their phone and pose at the same time. Virtual photoshoots allow photographers to work worldwide very easily and the results are pretty unique. Have you done a virtual photoshoot yet? Create a casting to find your models!


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8. Neon lights & lasers

In contrast to all these vintage photography trends, we were talking about, here we have the more futuristic style. Neon lights and lasers have become interesting elements to add to your photography, creating a very unique result. You can use traditional neon lights, or get some tube lights for a 2021 vibe.

These are the most popular photography trends for 2021 as seen on social media. However, as we mentioned in the beginning, in photography it is important to have your own style. You can adapt these trends to your photo style or editing. The goal is to have fun and not becoming obsessive about them!


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