Not only the models rocked the stage at Fresh Faces Finals 2013, but also our presenter Stephanie Figueira. Read more about her and what a comedian is doing on a fashion event.

Actor, Comedian and Presenter, Stephanie Figueira is a multi-talented sparkling personality.

We had the pleasure to enjoy that sweeping-away woman during the Fresh Faces Grand Finals on the 15th October 2013. Stephanie led us, on this special occasion, as the main presenter of this sparkling event through the night in the W-Hotel.

With her entertaining and rousing way, Stephanie Figueira presented the main part of the event; she coloured the catwalk of the models with comments and pleasured the winners Fan and Bogdan when she announced them.

Fresh Faces Presenter Stephanie Figueira

Normaly, canadian-rooted Stephanie is homelike on other stages than the fashion one. She moved in 2009 from Toronto to Barcelona, and started a peerless career as actor and comedian on the Barcelonian stages.

Thanks to her enigmatic personality and incomparable talent to enthuse her audience, Stephanie was shining as one of the highlights of the Fresh Faces Grand Finals 2013.

Much to laugh and much to learn from her, but read and enjoy yourself:

Stephanie with jury member Thomas Zeumer

Modelmanagement: What do you love the most about being a presenter/actor?

Stephanie Figueira: One of the things I love most about presenting and acting, is all the new people I get to meet, mingle and work with. I absolutely love being on stage performing and especially making people laugh. I love stepping into another characters shoes and playing. In fact, that´s what I would say I love most about acting, all the playing I get to do.

Fresh Faces Presenter Stephanie Figueira
Fresh Faces Presenter Stephanie Figueira

MM: Becoming a presenter and actor is the dream of many young people and aspiring models, what kind of qualities does an aspirant need to have in order to master this profession?

SF: Work hard and learn everything you can. Rehearse as often as possible and believe in yourself and what you´re doing. Learn to explore characters and don´t be afraid to play. All great ideas come from playing. A good way to learn these techniques is by taking improv workshops or classes. It really helps to work that playful muscle in your brain.

Fresh Faces Presenter Stephanie Figueira by Sandra Vives

MM: How do you usually prepare yourself before a performance?

SF: I usually prepare by warming up and stretching my body as well as my voice. It´s very important to focus yourself and relax before a performance. Stretching gives me my personal and quiet time to center myself and I usually warm up my voice at the same time. I can´t stress enough how important it is, to take even 10 minutes for yourself before getting out there. You´ll be happy you did.

Fresh Faces Presenter Stephanie Figueira
Fresh Faces Presenter Stephanie Figueira

MM: Presenters as well as models constantly work in the spotlight and stage-fright is a frequent problem. What methods do you recommend to fight it?

SF: For me, I need to talk myself through it. I tell myself not to take life so seriously, this should be fun. Being a presenter or actor, the audience will always be able to tell if you’re not enjoying it, so I try to make that a priority. And I keep reminding myself why I´m there. Because I love it!

Fresh Faces Presenter Stephanie Figueira by Sandra Vives

MM: What is the most important thing when working on a stage, what you have discovered during your impressive career?

SF: Watch your side lines. It´s important to play to your entire audience. Your voice is a very important tool so, keep it hydrated and warm up with some vocal excercises. Speak clearly and practice projecting your voice. Your audience needs to hear you.

Fresh Faces Presenter Stephanie Figueira
Fresh Faces Presenter Stephanie Figueira

MM: For models it is very important to connect with the camera as well as with an audience. As an actor, what tips would you give to those models struggling to evoke emotions in front of a camera or in front of an audience? Are there any exercises you recommend that can improve this quality?

SF: Depends what kind of emotion you need to express but, it´s important to be present and committed to your character and the other actors you are in the scene with.  One thing I´ve learned from taking acting workshops and from watching other actors is, that by committing yourself fully to whatever role you play will not only evoke natural emotion but, will help you to explore and develop your character and bring out its true essence.

Fresh Faces Presenter Stephanie Figueira

MM:  You are known for your amazing acting skills as well as for your great personality. What advice would you give to an aspiring model or actor wanting to be memorable?

SF: Learn your craft. If you want to be a great actor or actress then take workshops and classes that will help you develop, teach you techniques and skills and encourage you to have confidence so you can nail your castings. Listen to constructive criticism and learn from it. There is ALWAYS something to learn. Learn your lines. An unprepared actor holds back everyone and YOU don´t want to be that person. And most importantly, have fun…it always shows.


MM:  Being actually a comedian, what was the challenge in presenting a fashion event like the Fresh Faces 2013 Grand Finals? And what did you think about the modeling event in general?

SF: The challenge was getting to wear a beautiful dress, a great pair of shoes, Swarovski earrings and bracelet and then having to return it all. At least I got to take home the hair and makeup job which I loved :)!

I thought the event was chic, well organized, beautiful and successful. Everyone working for this goal was dedicated, educated and so helpful. Well done to everyone! I´d love the opportunity to do it all again.

Fresh Faces Presenter Stephanie Figueira by Ben Evans

MM: The crowd at W Hotel LOVED YOU! Do you have any plans for the future? Any show where we can come to see you?

SF: This coming month and every month, you can see me perform live with The Barcelona Improv group. We´re hosting the very first ever Improv festival in BCN from Nov 7th-10th. There is promised to be some incredible acts and lot´s of comedy. All the information is on
I also host my own show every month called Vent! Telling it like it was. It´s true stories, told live by the people who lived them and it´s a wonderful night of human connection. You can find all the info on the fb page Vent!
And soon…very soon, will be live…very EXCITED!!

Be wise, take this advise: Don’t miss Stephanie Figueria live in action and enjoy an unforgettable performance!

Check out the dates here: Vent!

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