Andrew Habeck is a well-established name in the Photography world and we had the pleasure to enjoy his talent on the Fresh Faces Grand Finals 2013. This time, Andrew shares his experience and reveals us the best tips and tricks!

Barcelona -Lover Andrew Habeck whistle-blows us in a fascinating interview the best promising advices for models as well as for aspiring photographers for a career in front and behind the camera, and he knows how to be successful!

We counted on Andrew for our Fresh Faces Finals team, having the pleasure to see him working, as well as admire his pictures afterwards, which are gracing the blog.

Fresh Faces Winner Bogdan by Andrew Habeck

Born in Michigan and traveling the world, Andrew chose Barcelona as his home and is living and working here with love and passion. This passion is clearly reflected in his meaningful pictures as well as in his engagement for his work.

His pictures already attracted the biggest names like ELLE, InStyle, Marie Claire, Sony BMG Music, l’ Oréal and the list reads itself like the who-is-who of the business-biggest.

Jury member Thomas Zeumer by Andrew Habeck

So be wise, take this advice and learn from the best; an interview with Andrew Habeck.

Modelmanagement: You have traveled the world and decided to settle down in Barcelona.
What fascinates you the most about this city from a personal point of view and from a professional one?

Andrew Habeck: I came to Barcelona because of my wife, which for me is the best reason of all for being here. Apart from this, I also feel it’s an amazingly beautiful and vibrant city. I love the mixture of old and new architecture as well as the slightly decaying parts in between. The light and the sea are additional elements that I am able to incorporate into my work. The fact that you can go everywhere by bicycle can only be an added advantage!

great outfits awaitet the models by Andrew Habeck

MM: You did great documentary back stage shots on the Fresh Faces Big Finals. What is the main challenge to shot models in a busy environment such as a back stage area compared to structured photo shootings?

AH: Dealing with time and light constrictions in order to be able to successfully capture the essence of all the professionals involved doing their job, in a discreet way. I find this challenging yet rewarding, with a glamorous side to it which reminds me of street photography. Normally things are much calmer on a structured shoot.

Lucky Winner: Bogdan from MRA Models by Andrew Habeck

MM: And what are advatages of behind-the-scene shoots?

AH: Being surrounded by such beauty, talent and energy, and  seeing a vast team of hard working professionals combining their talents and working together towards a common goal. That part is a fascinating aspect of my work.

Models backstage by Andrew Habeck

MM: In your work you are focusing on people; doing fashion shoots, portraits and beauty photography. What excites you the most of capturing people in front of the lens?

AH: I have always been fascinated by the diverse aspects of human nature, and I feel very fortunate to be able to meet and work with such a variety of people, from so many different places and cultures. To find that moment that best captures their own uniqueness, as well as their inner and outer beauty.

MM: Working mainly with people, how important is the communication between the model and the photographer for a successful picture?

AH: Extremely important.

Model Jesslyn by Andrew Habeck

MM: And what are your favourite methods to reveal special sides of the model in front of your camera?

AH: I always talk to them, explain the concept that I am trying to convey, ask her opinion throughout, foster mutual understanding to create a two way process. I always do whatever I can to make the model feel comfortable, relaxed and beautiful. Because if she isn’t, these ideas and feelings cannot be faked. It goes without saying that mutual trust is implicit and an integral part of the whole process.

Winner Fan from ESEE Models by Andrew Habeck

MM: Being a professional in working with people for your pictures, what are the main attributes for a model to obtain the best possible picture?

AH: They must be professional, expressive, able to place themselves in a ‘movie’ (a role), have patience, be able to take direction, be able to work with a team, as it is always a team effort, and always be ready to give 110%. All these, for me, are essential characteristics.

MM: How important is the use of professional equipment for a photographer?

AH: It really does depend on how you use it. Owning a camera does not automatically make you a photographer. In some situations for example, a great deal of lighting equipment may be necessary. On other occasions however,you may be able to take incredible shots with the light available. Imagination, improvisation and creativity can go a long way.

Jury Members by Andrew Habeck

MM: And can you give some advice for aspiring photographers on how to achieve professional pictures without using too much technical support?

AH: My advice would be to always shoot RAW. Read the manual on the camera to see how much potential your equipment has and what it’s capabilities really are. As far as lighting is concerned, start out in a simple way, remember that more is not always better. Be creative within the means you have. Learn to get the shot in the camera, not in Photoshop.

Jean François by Andrew Habeck

MM: Your work has been published in magazines such as ELLE and InStyle and you have collaborated with big names like l’Oreal and Sony BMG Music.
How was working for such names and what is your next big thing we can looking forward to?

AH: I  genuinely find it a pleasure to work with this type of professional client. It offers opportunities to travel and gain access to famous and interesting subjects and situations. Unfortunately, it is often the case that when you are traveling it is difficult to have the time to shoot as you would like to. So it can be a challenge at times. But then again, I always love a challenge. I find it fosters creativity.
As inspired as I am when traveling, I also find Barcelona a constant source of creativity and inspiration. Currently, I’m working on a variety of personal projects that I am looking to exhibit, including one which combines both fashion and environmental portraits.

behind-the-scenes by Andrew Habeck

Enjoy more pictures from Andrew Habeck of the Fresh Faces Grand Finals 2013, which will make you feel as if you have been there!

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