Becoming an Instagram Influencer Model can vary depending on your audience, but before we get into what a Model Influencer is, let us tell you how a brand like Alpecin found the perfect influencers to promote their product. Alpecin decided to cast models exclusively on, why? Because we have over 275K models on our platform, can you imagine how many of them are influencers? Thousands!

How can a brand reach the perfect ambassador for Social Media?

Alpecin is Germany’s Number One Male Hair-care Brand. The Shampoo contains a Caffeine-complex that helps to prevent hair-loss. The brand is famous for innovative advertising, for example in Germany, where they launched a campaign that claims their Caffeine Shampoo to be Doping for the hair.

Now they’ve launched their brand in Spain and decided to use female influencer models with lots of male followers to increase the awareness of their product. The special idea of this campaign is that each model was asked to create an individual social media campaign including the video and photo production to make sure that the message fits to their audience.

We were blown away by this innovative campaign concept and asked one of the selected models Eva Padlock about her life as an influencer model and specifically about her experience with this unique project.

Eva Padlock is a Spanish model, known as a “Monster Girl”, one of the models promoting the Monster drink at all international Moto GP races. She is considered an Instagram influencer, and surprisingly she has only been in the social media world for four years now, yet she has achieved so much in so little time! What’s the key to her success?

Spanish Model Eva Padlock

What is an Influencer and how did you become one?

Actually, I don’t really know how I got so many followers, but what is actually rewarding is that a lot of people get in contact to thank me for making them smile and I have conveyed something positive just through my posts.

You currently have more than 1.7M followers on Instagram alone, what has been the main reason you’ve gained such notoriety within social networks?

Apart from the sensual images I usually post, I think that when you’re fulfilling goals and accomplishing things that initially seem impossible, people appear to value this. I have been in the social world for barely a year and a half and I never imagined changing my job and spending most of the time traveling. You’re full of illusion when major brands from the fashion world want to collaborate with you. Actually, I’m living a dream.

Model Eva Padlock

Congratulations on your Instagram campaign for Alpecin. You’ve been the creative director and the main model of the video! How did you decide on the concept to express the right message to your followers?

It was an interesting project because I could develop my role as an interior designer, when choosing a location, organizing and shooting a series of shots in a given space; it was interesting to merge my old job with the current one as a model and create a story according to what the customer demanded.

For some time now we’ve seen a change in the modeling industry where more and more atypical models are reaching success in the market. Do you consider yourself an atypical model?

I consider myself one more model in the industry, I show off something innate in me, the sensuality. We all have something that makes us different and special and that’s the key to my success.

Eva Padlock on Instagram

Any tips or advice for those models that want to follow your same steps?

As seen in my network, it’s clear that my greatest power is to show my charms, always in an elegant and sensual way, but from the private messages I receive, I’m happy to know that most people who follow me and don’t know me, see what’s beyond the superficial.

What features have helped you become the social model you are on Instagram?

Be yourself always and feel comfortable with what you post.

Follow Eva on Instagram to see some more of her amazing work. And don’t miss her campaign for Alpecin!

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