If you want to become a model, you’re probably wondering where to start. To get into the industry, it’s essential you create your polaroids and start building a portfolio, but what’s next? What do you have to do with that material? The answer is searching for modeling jobs. Keep reading this post to know how to find modeling jobs to start your career!

Where to start

As mentioned, before even starting, you need to create your basic model material, which includes polaroids. With polaroids, you will show clients your real beauty, without filters nor makeup. Polaroids need to have good quality, but you can take them at home. Check the following video to know how to create them at home!

Once you have your polaroids created, it’s time to start getting involved in the industry. The easiest way to get started is by creating a profile on ModelManagement.com. This platform allows you to become part of an international modeling community, connect with professionals of the industry, create your network, learn with the Model Academy, and, last but not least, finding modeling jobs.

How to use ModelManagement.com to find modeling jobs?

As the first step, you need to create a model account and upload the polaroids you created. It’s essential you also verify your email and phone number. When you create your account, you will need to wait a few hours until it’s reviewed and approved by our team.

As soon as it’s approved, you will be able to access the whole platform, including the Model Academy. On our castings page you will be able to find hundreds of job offers. You can narrow down your search by using our filters: gender, job type, country, city, and payment. Once you find a casting you’re interested in, click apply, submit your pictures, and voilà!


The best part of using ModelManagement.com is that you will be able to find online and offline castings, so in case that there aren’t specific jobs for your area, you can participate in online projects.

How to find local modeling jobs?

If you’re interested in working offline with other industry professionals, you can have a look at the offline castings available in your area. Just filter by country and city and apply to them.

How do you know you’ve been selected?

Ok, so now that you’ve applied to castings, you may wonder what follows. You need to know that patience in this industry is essential and you will have to wait for clients’ responses. Also know that sometimes clients castings get many applicants, and they don’t have the time to write personally to all candidates to inform them if they’ve been selected or not.

If there’s a shooting date specific or PPM date (pre-production meeting), note it in your agenda, because the following days, they will get in touch with the favorites, and if you’re one, you will get a message! So, keep an eye on your inbox!

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