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Photographers, why is visibility important to us?

Have you ever thought about what we’re on the Internet for?

Surely most will say that for leisure and fun. Others will ensure that it is necessary to complete their daily tasks. However for entrepreneurs and freelancers, the internet is a place where they can close deals and make business. 

Visibility is the starting point for generating contacts and then customers. Clients help businesses grow and bring in more customers. 

Visibility for photographers. Why is this important?

So it’s worth improving your visibility as a photographer, don’t you think?  In this post I explain what visibility is and how to easily increase it.

Visibility for photographers, what’s this?

If we are talking about digital marketing, visibility is the ability of brands, companies or professionals to reach and be seen by as many users as possible. 

In addition, the aim is for these users to be within the target audience. That is to say, that they belong to the group of people that we believe can hire us. 

So if we can reach more people, we’ll have a better chance of contacting potential customers. 

Let’s see how we can do it.

Organic vs paid

Your visibility can be organic (free) or paid. The first one includes all the actions you can do and share for free through your networks. For example Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Youtube videos, blogging, etc. 

On the other hand we have paid visibility. By this we mean advertising campaigns that we can do through Google ads, Facebook ads (which includes Instagram) and many other platforms that offer it. 

You may be wondering which one is best for you.

Well, that depends. You have to learn what each one is for and how you can include it in your strategy. 

I give you some basic ideas about this:

Organic: is the visibility you get by sharing any photo, video, article, tweet or content on your social networks. The reach of these posts depends on the number of followers you have and the number of times it is seen, commented or shared. 

Statistics of Instagram. Visibility for photographers

It’s often said that it’s free, but you have to take into account the time it takes you to plan and produce the content you share. In the end time is money, isn’t it?

Paid: is the visibility you get when you pay for what you publish to be seen by more people than you have within your networks. The reach depends on how much money you invest. 

The great advantage of paid visibility is that you can always segment who will see your ad. This tool is very powerful because you can direct your communications to the people who are most interested in hiring you. The people that really matter.

Screenshot of Instagram. Visibility for photographers is important.

Okay, that sounds great. But visibility for what? 

Advantages of having a good visibility

Have you ever wondered why influencers make so much money? 

It’s all about visibility. They can reach millions of people with a publication. This is very useful when you think of it as a sales tool. 

Applying it to small entrepreneurs or freelancers drastically improves the attraction of new prospects (potential clients) and then helps turn them into clients. 

So the first thing to keep in mind is not only to get likes and followers, but what do you want them to do after interacting with your content. For example: go to your website, fill in a contact form, make a purchase, ask for a quote, etc. 

You are probably wondering if this is for you.

Short answer: Yes, it is.

My talent is enough, right?

I’m sorry to tell you that in most cases it’s not. There are millions of people doing the same thing as you. Some of them have knowledge of marketing tools and sales strategies. 

Model in Studio. Increase your visibility

That’s why you see some very successful photographers on social networks who may not be very talented. They are not excellent photographers but they are excellent at selling their work. 

That’s where you have to go. You have to learn to sell your work.

At this point you may think it’s very complicated, but in reality it’s not. Here are some tips you can apply to start gaining visibility and turn strangers into customers. 

Stop using a sledgehammer to crack a nut!

Leave the excuses and get to work! Having influence in a niche and living from photography is possible. You can start by:

1. Having a plan

This has to be the first point you consider. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re hardly going to make it. 

Notepad with a visibility plan for photographers

Having a plan means understanding your goals and creating a plan to achieve them. There is no perfect way to do it, but when you start, 2 things can happen:

Your get it right: then it’s been worth it and you’ve achieved your goals in full or in part.

You don’t get it right: you learn that what you’ve done so far doesn’t work and that maybe you need to change something to make it more effective. 

2. Don’t stop learning

The world is moving fast and things that worked one year ago may not be valid today. 

If you really want to be successful, you must acquire new techniques and knowledge that you can apply to your strategies. 

Don’t settle for it. Keep going!

3. Experimentation

I told you before that there is no magic formula that works always and for everyone. Every professional must find a way to achieve his/her goals. 

However, there are ways to speed up the process. Experimentation works pretty well on just about everything. 

Try new things. Experiment, analyze and correct your mistakes. But most of all, don’t stop trying.

Use a shortcut

Do you want to increase your visibility?

You must already have clear what you need to improve your visibility. However, I’ve saved the best for the end. 

The community has more than one million models and industry professionals. Also, more than 205k followers on Instagram, another 250k on Facebook and a few thousand more on other networks.

By creating your profile on the platform and being active, you have a chance to impact more than 2.7M people who are interested in the audiovisual industry and who work actively.

Gif Michael Jordan.

In addition, by having your social networks and websites linked to your account, you increase traffic, followers and likes. 

But most important, you are in contact with other professionals like you with whom you can create projects.

What do you think about the visibility for photographers? Would you like to learn sales strategies for photographers and freelancers? Let me know what you are interested in.



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