Renowned MRA Models from Romania is the agency behind Fresh Faces 2013 Winner Bogdan! Learn more about MRA and the model business with agency owner Liviu Ionescu.

After introducing you to  Bogdan the male winner of Fresh Faces 2013, its now time to reveal the responsible Model Agency for his matchless success: The prestigious MRA Models Agency from Romania.

MRA is not only Romania’s very first model agency but has also developed itself to a very big name; as one of the internationally market-leading agencies in the model business. Founded in 1992 by former model Liviu Ionescu, the agency established itself as a talent bench for top models like Simona Haraga, Elena Baguci, Catrinel Menghia, Alexandra Sandor and many more. MRA Models is, with over 20 years of experience, more than skilled in hunting new faces. Launching the Ford Supermodel of the World Contest, this agency was right from the start more than engaged to develop new models and is now also involved in Romania’s Next Topmodel. Most recently, MRA Models discovered the next big model talent who’s already paved his way into a very auspicious model career: Bogdan.

Bogdan, Fresh Faces 2013 World Finals winner

Discovered at the Fresh Faces Romania 2013 Finals in Bucharest,  MRA Models put Bogdan under their big wings and made him slap-bang win the Fresh Faces World Finals 2013 in Barcelona, representing Romania as one of 40 competing countries. We had a very pleasant chat with Liviu Ionescu about his agency and his view on Fresh Faces 2013. Read here what MRA owner Liviu reveals us about famous MRA Models and their plans for our newcomer Bogdan:

Modelmanagement: What does it mean to you as an agency to win the Fresh Faces  2013 World Finals with your model?

Liviu Ionescu: I hope this prize will motivate other young male and female aspirants to start a modeling career through our agency.

MRA owner Liviu and Fresh Faces 2013 winner Bogdan

MM: How was the experience of participating in a modeling contest together with other modelling agencies from around the world?

LI: We used to hold the license of Ford Supermodel of the World modeling contest for more than 10 years between 1995 – 2006 and I know this kind of competition can give the participating agencies many opportunities as finding your talents and meet other agencies like a modeling convention.

MM: What does a model need in order to have to become one of the New Faces of your agency?

LI: Being strong enough to start an international career.

MM: What struck you the most of your model when you discovered Bogdan during the local contest?

LI: First the face and after the body.

Bogdan, Fresh Faces 2013 World Finals winner

MM: How did you coach your model Bogdan for the Fresh Faces 2013 Grand Finals? What was the main advice you gave to Bogdan before leaving to Barcelona?

LI: Photo tests and many castings in our agency. Being themselves.

Bogdan by photographer Ansgar Werrelmann
Bogdan by photographer Ansgar Werrelmann

MM: Which importance do you as an agency assign to the Fresh Faces Modeling contest by How important are new faces in your agency?

LI: I signed up for this contest because I believe the online scouting will be the future tool of our industry. New faces are vital for any agency in the world, not only ours.

MM: What career developments do you expect for newcomer models, after winning an international contest such as Fresh Faces?

LI: They’re more motivated than ever, but that can be risky as well because they have to fight strongly for any option or job as any other model. We received many request for Bogdan after the finals from agencies that wish to represent him on their markets.

Bogdan with the Fresh Faces award

Big congratulations to MRA Models Agency and Liviu Ionescu for winning this years’ Fresh Faces Contest and of course enormous congrats to Fresh Face 2013 Bogdan!

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