We proudly introduce you to the Fresh Faces 2013 Male Winner; Bogdan from Romania! Read more about Bogdan's wonderful succes-story and his hopes and thoughts about his new modeling career.

A fairytale in the model business was started by Bogdan at the Fresh Faces Grand Finals by modelmanagement.com in the enigmatic W-Hotel in Barcelona. The 15th of October 2013 was the date which gave birth to this rising star. Chosen out of thousands of model applicants from all over the world, Bogdan came to Barcelona supported by the renowned agency MRA Models to represent Romania at the Fresh Faces 2013 World Finals.

Photo by Ansgar

The young aspiring model won the jury over by his spellbinding beauty and his luminous attitude, proving his natural talent on the catwalk as well as in the photoshoots. The astonishing fact is, that the Fresh Faces Contest was Bogdan‘s very first model contest, the perfect first step into the model business! By blowing everybody away with his very first professional model performance ever, this young natural talent definitely proved to be the Fresh Face 2013!

Photo by Mireia Valenti – NAU Agency

But hear more of this fabulous success from the lucky winner himself:

ModelManagement: Why did you decide to take part in the Fresh Faces Contest? How did you find out about Fresh Faces?
Bogdan Ionut: I’ve heard about the Fresh Faces Contest from the promotion that the MRA Agency made, from TV, from the flyers that we have received in highschool. The agency has organized casting sessions around the country and that is how I have decided to take part in one of these casting sessions because I wanted to start a modeling career. I was very happy that I have won this casting. I have to thank Mr Liviu Ionescu for that because he had faith in me and encouraged me a lot.

Photo by Ben Evans – www.englishphotographer.com

MM: What does it mean to you to be the winner of Fresh Faces 2013? How do you think, it will influence your model career?
BI: Winning this contest proved that I have made the correct choice by choosing this career. I really think that I have made myself more aware and more ambitious to prove myself and the others that I have all the necessary qualities to succeed.

Photo by Ben Evans – www.englishphotographer.com

MM :What do you think, was the crucial factor for your success in winning the Fresh Faces award?
BI: I think I owe my success first to my attitude and to the way I adapt myself to the rules and the needs of the contest, and, last but not least, I love what I do.

MM: How did you prepare at home for the Fresh Faces 2013 Grand Finals in Barcelona?
BI: I have made some shooting tests, but I have never had a catwalk presentation so far, until this contest.

Photo by Ansgar

MM: How did you experience the days in Barcelona, how helpful was the coaching here for you?
BI: I have been in Barcelona for the first time and I really liked the city as much as I could see. The team has helped me a lot, encouraging me and providing precious advice in aspects where I was behaving like a freshman.

MM: How did you experience the organization and the program of the whole event?
BI: I really can’t make a comparison, but I felt really well, the programme was really busy, but very well organized.

Photo by Ansgar

MM: And how have you been welcomed back home as the Fresh Faces winner? What were the reactions of friends and family?
BI: I was expected at the airport by my sister who was really proud of me, and then we went to the agency where I was expected by everybody, they all congratulated me and I felt everyone really happy and pleased with my accomplishment.

Liviu Ionescu (Director of MRA Models) & Fresh Faces 2013 Winner Bogdan
Bogdan and Liviu Ionescu at MRA Models Agency

MM: It was your very first model contest, how did it feel to win? Were you nervous about opening the Fashion Show?
BI: It was indeed my first contest, I was very nervous when they announced the first three final nominees, and I was one of them. At the moment they announced the winner, it took me some seconds to realize that I won the contest. I am very pleased and happy both for myself and the MRA agency who is representing me, but mostly for Romania.

Photo by Andrew Habeck – www.andrewhabeck.com

MM: As Fresh Faces 2013 Winner, what tips and advice do you give to all the thousands of aspiring models wanting to be part of Fresh Faces 2014?
BI: I don’t really know if I’m the best person to give advice, I don’t have enough experience to do that, but due to this contest, I think that being serious, ambitious and punctual is the best way to prove that you’re being yourself. I would advise the boys and the girls who want a modeling career to trust themselves and take a chance!

A Very big congrats to Bogdan for having won this edition of Fresh Faces, and also a big congrats to MRA Model Management who scouted this top model in the making!

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